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The goal of the game is to win two rounds by earnings the most points. You earn points by passing cards around the table and collecting 3-of-a-kind sets as fast as you can.

Some special sets trigger throwing battles where the person who loses receives -1 point;


Just two of you Read this side first, then go see the game variant section on the other side of this sheet.

Shuffle the deck of cards and deal out approximately 15 cards face down to each player (don't bother counting cards exactly - anything close to 15 cards is fine). Put this Personal Draw Pile to your right.

Split the remaining cards into two even(ish) piles and place them face down in the middle of the table to form the Community Piles.

Place the Avocados and the Avocado Boo Boos in the middle of the table.

Each player should take the top 5 cards from their Personal Draw Piles and look at them. Leave the rest of the pile face down.


Try to get 3 matching cards as quickly as you can by discarding cards in your hand (one at a time) and drawing new ones from your Personal Draw Pile

When you get a set of 3 matching cards, put them face up in front of you in a single pile (your Score Pile), and draw 3 more cards from your Personal Draw Pile.

You can NEVER have more than 5 cards in your hand, so always discard before you draw.

Taking a turn

There are no turns! All players go at the same time.

Draw cards from your Personal Draw Pile on your right and discard cards face down onto the Personal Draw Pile of the player to your left.

If you run out of cards in your Personal Draw Pile, you may draw from either of the Community Piles. You must resume drawing from your Personal Draw Pile once it has cards again.


If you get a set of 3 matching cards, it is worth 1 point. Put it down in front of you in your Score Pile.

If you get a set of 3 Avocado Cards (Double Brawl, Freeze War or Legs Duel), it's worth 2 points, and it ALSO starts a battle.


When you collect 3 matching Battle Cards, put them in your Score Pile and yell the name of the battle: Double Brawl, Freeze War, or Legs Duel. When a battle is declared, all other gameplay stops.

Double Brawl

When you play 3 matching Double Brawl Cards, the players to your right and left are immediately in a Double Brawl. Each of them should quickly grab and throw an Avocado at each other. Grab and throw over and over until either player gets hit TWICE. That player loses the Brawl.

Freeze war

When you play 3 Freeze War Cards, ALL players (including you) are immediately in a Freeze War and should try to quickly grab and throw an Avocado at any other player. When a player gets hit, they must freeze, drop their Avocado (if they are holding one), and become a human shield! Grab and throw over and over until only one player remains unfrozen. That player chooses the loser of the Freeze War.

Legs duels

When you play 3 matching Legs Duel Cards, pick any 2 players (including yourself, if you'd like). Those players each take an Avocado and stand back to back. The players simultaneously say, "3, 2, 1, Avocado!" As each number is said, both players will take a step away from each other in a straight line, and on "Avocado!" they throw their Avocado THROUGH THEIR LEGS. Each time a player in this battle throws, it must be through their legs. The first player to get hit by an Avocado loses the Duel.

Making Mistakes

If you don't have the correct set of 3 cards for the battle you declared, you lose the battle.

If you mistakenly grab an Avocado and you're not in a battle, you lose the battle.

In both cases, the battle is immediately over.

Ending a battle

If you lose a battle, take an Avocado Boo Boo and put it in your Score Pile. Boo Boos are worth -1 point. Only 1 Boo Boo is given out per battle.

After a battle, return the Avocados to the table and grab your cards. The player who triggered the battle counts 3, 2, 1, Avocado!" to resume playing.


Just pick a player to say "3, 2, 1, Avocado!" to start playing.


The game is played in two rounds. Round 1 is over when the last Boo Boo is given out. The player with the most points wins that round. The winner of the round gets the Fear Me Badge and proudly displays it on the table in front of them. Next, reset the table and play a second round.

At the end of round 2, if the person with the Fear Me Badge wins again, they win the game. If someone else wins the second round, that person must Legs Duel the player with the Fear Me Badge to determine who wins the game.


To play, you will need all 6 Avocado Boo Boos, the Avocado Fear Me Badge, all four throwables (2 Avocados and 2 Burritos) and a combination of cards from both games. Take your deck of cards from THROW THROW BURRITO, remove all 36 Battle Cards (18 Brawls, 9 Wars, 9 Duels), and set them aside (they won't be used in this game). Next, shuffle the 36 cards in this envelope into the remaining THROW THROW BURRITO deck to form a new combo deck of 120 cards.


The Combo Game uses the exact same setup and rules as THROW THROW AVOCADO, but you won't need them because you're a pro by now.

The only difference is the battles. This new combo game has four new types of Battle Cards that make use of all four throwables.

Combo Game Battles

Scatter brawl

When you play 3 matching Scatter Brawl Cards, the players to your right and left are in a Scatter Brawl. First, you grab all 4 throwables and toss them from the table separately in any direction. (It's up to you how far or close to throw them, which determines how challenging the battle will be!) When you're finished scattering throwables, shout "Go!" The players in the Scatter Brawl then run to grab a throwable and begin the battle. The first player to get hit by a throwable loses the Scatter Brawl.

Burrito -OR- Avocado war

When you play 3 matching War Cards, shout out either “Burrito War" (if you played 3 red Burrito War Cards) or "Avocado War" (if you played 3 green Avocado War Cards). All players at the table (except for you) are immediately in a War, BUT THEY MUST USE THE THROWABLE ON THE CARDS. The first player to get hit loses the War.

It's ok to grab the wrong throwable, but if any player THROWS the wrong throwable, they immediately lose the War.

Double up duel

When you play 3 matching Double Up Duel Cards, pick any two players to team up against a single third player. (You can choose yourself to participate in the Double Up Duel if you want. The two players on the same team outnumber the single player, but the single player can hold as many throwables as they can get their hands on!

Both of the players on the team each take 1 Avocado, while the single player takes both Burritos. The team of two stand next to each other while back to back with the single player. All together, the dueling players simultaneously say "3, 2, 1, Duel!", take their paces, turn, and throw.

In a Double Up Duel, each of the players on the team can have up to 1 throwable in their hand at a time, but there is NO LIMIT to the number of throwables the single player can hold. If the single player gets hit first by a throwable, they lose the Duel. If either of the team players gets hit first, they both lose the Duel, and they both take a Boo Boo.


If 2 players tie at the end of either round, resolve the tie with a Duel. Each player may choose to take either a Burrito or an Avocado to use for the Duel.

If 3 or more players tie, reshuffle the entire deck and have 1 player draw until either a Burrito War Card or an Avocado War Card appears. (This ensures all tied players start battling at the same time. It's now a War between the tied players, but you can grab any of the throwables to throw at your opponents! Once you're out, you cannot touch a Burrito or Avocado. Continue until there's only 1 player left.