Ever Wonder? Why Sloths Risk Their Lives To Poop?

Ever Wonder? Why Sloths Risk Their Lives To Poop?

They’re cute. They’re furry. They’re slow. Who doesn’t like a sloth? Answer: Their digestive tract. Sloths hang out in the rainforest treetops eating leaves and sleeping until something terrifying happens: Nature calls.

Sloths make a treacherous trip down to do their business, where they are vulnerable to predators. More than half of all sloth deaths are caused by these poo-icide missions. So why don’t they just, erm, let it rip?

Some researchers think their poop helps nourish the roots of their favorite trees.

Others think that falling feces can alert predators to their presence. It could be a holdover from prehistoric ground sloths. Or it could support the moths that live in their fur.

Or maybe all that pheromone-packed dookie attracts mates. Whatever the reason, one thing remains certain:

For sloths, pooping is pretty crappy.

Artwork by Ivan Ehlers

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