How to play:


Armed Wombat

Instead of using the box lid as a Boundary, all players link their arms together hand-to-elbow to form the Boundary. Throughout the entire Building phase, keep your eyes closed and keep your arms flat on the table, using your other arm to build. When a player is voted off, they stay a part of the link. You can switch which arm you use each round if you start to get sweaty.

Note: Unless you have especially long arms, this mode works best with groups of 4+

Cozy Wombat Burrow

Grab a blanket from around the house and toss it on top of the Boundary. Play as normal beneath the blanket, but keep your eyes open. Now you can stare lovingly into the eyes of the other players as you secretly help or hurt them.

Wombat Speedrun

Set the Building timer for 60 seconds instead of 90 seconds. Can the Good Wombats still prevail with less time?