Exploding Kittens

is a kitty powered

version of Russian Roulette

Get ready for explosive laughter and hours of entertainment with Exploding Kittens.

This kitten-powered, explosively fun card game got its start as the most-backed game in Kickstarter history. It features riotously funny artwork and award-winning, highly addictive gameplay that involves drawing cards, playing them strategically, and trying to avoid an Exploding Kitten.

It’s fast-paced, family-friendly, and an instant energy boost for your next party or game night.

Exploding Kittens: Original Edition

  • The most backed Kickstarter project ever!
  • Features hilarious original artwork by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal.
  • Easy-to-learn and fast-to-play.

About the company

After a historic Kickstarter campaign (not to brag but it’s the most backed in history), Exploding Kittens set to work creating games like you’ve never seen before. Our mission is not to make interesting games, it’s to make the people you’re playing with more interesting. And every one of the over 11 million games we’ve sold is a testament to that mission (ok, that time we were bragging!)

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